• App Design & Development

    Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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    Unanimous Studios App Design & Development
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution

    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason so few engage in it.

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    Unanimous Studios Enterprise Mobility Solution
  • Gamification and Game Development

    The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.

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    Unanimous Studios Gamification and Game Development

Who we are

Unanimous Studio is a Mobile App development division of Unanimous Technology Private Limited.

We are among the pioneers in the early adaptation of latest technologies to fulfil the demands of our client and the current market. In 2008 we started working on iPhone SDK and android SDK and since then we have published numerous apps and games for our clients and implementing the latest features being added to these mobile app development platform. We are a team of young and highly motivated individuals who specializes in one or more technological domain varying from software architecture, development and design. We have published thousands of apps for our clients and have developed more than 300 mobile apps/ app templates which are now spread all over the internet.

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Application Development 80%
Game Development 70%
Graphic Design 72%
Web Development 90%
Unity3d Development 73%


Graphic Design

Our team can provide you complete solution for all your graphics requirement from 2d illustration to 3d models , info-graphics and branding.

App Development

Unanimous Studio has been developing mobile applications for various client on various platforms from Symbion , Java ,BADA to latest iOS and Android systems.

Game Development

Our Studio primarily focuses on 2d and 3d game development for smartphone and desktop platform, we also provide web based support for game

Our Products

AppResk.in started out as a small team of designer and developer doing app-flipping and app-reskin as part of Unanimous Studios on the dooms day December 2012. We have published approximately 200+ mobile games to date for ourselves and almost around 5000 apps for our clients for next two years , and continue to develop, clone, design & release popular games. Until recently, we only released games ourselves & for our valuable clients but now with Appresk.in we aim to provide a bigger, better and efficient way to acquire, design, publish and sell not just App Templates but complete games with all aspects covered which are required for generating revenue from App store. Our team provide test and upgrade all the codes in our code base and then provide it to our clients, we make sure codes are updated frequently based on user feedbacks and review and we also offer option for numerous type of customisation with each source code.
WMTA (We Make The Apps) is an app creator that allows anyone to create and manage their own iPhone app, Android app, iPad app or mobile website at a reasonable price. WMTA is a self-service mobile application platform where you can create a fully functional app for iPhone and/or Android that costs significantly less than creating an app via a developer. As a software company, the team at WMTA is constantly updating their product with new features that reflect the trends and changes occurring in the mobile industry.

What our clients say

Unanimous Studio created our ScanGo app and also developed the database, order forms and backend for out website.I would have no hesitation in recommending this team to anyone looking to get an app developed or any php work done, I've used many freelance workers in the past, and these guys are right up there with the best.
Unanimous Studio is fantastic to work with. They focuses on quality and delivers on time. There is nothing more challenging than not having a team that can take ownership of the project and deliver what is necessary. Unanimous’s team does this they take ownership and deliver nothing but quality. I continue to work with them till this day.
I have worked closely with the team from Unanimous Studio on several projects. They are experts at what they do, and continually provided great communication on how my projects were progressing, and would offer up alternatives in design & budget where necessary. I would definitely recommend them for any future work.
Unanimous Studio does excellent work and the turn around time for a re-skin is amazing.

Process at Unanimous Studios

At Unanimous Studios, we believe in business result orientation powered by a people-centered approach to technology. We evaluate your legacy systems and take a realistic approach to change that, leaving room for your own unique pace in adoption.Unanimous Studios’s team focuses on your organization’s objective, its legacy systems and future goals. all of which put together leads to improved business agility.The process and methodologies we use for application development aims at improving productivity and quality. The deliverables to clients are assured to meet their expectations in terms of funtionality, cost and delivery timeline. The models followed are Agile and Waterfall.

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Meet the Team

Unanimous Studios Team

Hardik Rathore

Hardik Rathore

After graduating from a Computer Science Course in University, he started working on establishing a company of his own in part time while working full time as a Software Engineer in Mobile App starter and later as a Game Developer in Cyber city before fully moving on his own Venture.

Unanimous Studios Team

Mohit Soni

Mohit Soni

Born and raised in Jodhpur, Mohit is still working hard on getting his graduation degree since 2006 besides he love talking to clients and help solving their problems moreover when it comes to business he nick named as App Terminator for publishing 100 games in a week for our client.

Unanimous Studios Team

Vikram Khatri

Vikram Khatri

He plays a great role in keeping together the teams at both of our offices. Sorting out the mistakes and providing solution to improve productivity and quality are his main focus. Besides he love traveling and very fond of keeping a fit physic.

Unanimous Studios Team

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

He spends time with his pet Danny when not doing research or any programming. With the positive attitude He is flexible in any shot of work and can handle any critical situation.


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